Sanatan Kriya by Yogi Ashwini

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Yogi Ashwini has done all of humanity a favour by formulating the SANATAN Kriya . this kriya helps all. what ever is your paticular level of evolution, this kriya fills in the weak points by itself. for example , I have noticed in the west specially, that a person may be evolved on issues of love, but the stomach of the person is not working at optimum. in another example , a person is in Love with God , but is sexually active on the sly.The above are two small examples of some evolution being incomplete. Sanatan Kriya fills in the gap, it will give a smooth stomach activity to the first, and a gentle widrawl of sexual activity for the latter. try it.


Managing wants

These two are the wants of not only of human beings but also of other creatures as animals, birds, fish etc. These wants are the instruments which manage the lives of animals, birds etc. but human beings are the exception to these elements. There are, even in-spite of this fact, many persons who allow these elements to manage their lives owing to which their lives become hell. Certainly opposite to it is heaven that's the control of the desires alongwith doing their human duties.
In view of it we must learn to manage our wants. Lust and lucre must be controlled and may be properly managed in order to get real joy. Hunger of the stomach may be managed through the needful employing duties in the society, through the managerial grace of our social system.
Persons who can mange their wants may be called successful persons and on other hand those persons who cannot mange their wants are the struggling persons who get their success yet.
Management of the wants is urgently needed to have to be learned.
Victory to Mother Kundalini

NIDHI PARKASH | Sun, 02/28/2010 - 15:24