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Truth is stranger than fiction, so say some.....But for many DHYAN FOUNDATION members miracles are the TRUTH,They are no strangers.
SANATAN KRIYA is a devised sadhna by YOGI ASHWINI JI,which transformed the lives of innumeberable people with HIS incredible power.
This book carries the story of 51 people who `s lives have been changed by miracles.These miracles are not just possible,"But it is impossible for them not to happen,if yog walk on the path of true YOG and the sanidhya of a GURU," says YOGI JI,THE GUIDING LIGHT OF DHYAN FOUNDATION.
This book gives reasons for hope and gently but firmly,pushes us awake from our sleep to a world of a magical possibilities that has existed all around us and yet untill nudged.AWAKE, we had slept,through our lives,oblivious to its devine and enchanted existence.
This book not tells us about a living master but actually makes us experience HIM throughthe medium of the contributors. The solace here is that HE is very much in the body and alive and living with us.HE is not a story , HE is not a myth,and HE is not a history.HE IS HERE AND NOW AND HE IS FOR REAL.........

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A must-read for the one who does not believe in the power of Yog
A must-read for the one who does not believe in the nether world and the world of ether
A challenge for the non-believer!

naitik | Thu, 03/18/2010 - 10:27
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the book

I am glad you have put in a blog about the book . it is an amazing read. the incident about How Yogi Ashwini manifested in two physical bodies at the same time to save a student from a near fatal fall , is mindblowing.and also very reassuring , His powers are limitless , and so has to be our faith . great book . sweetie

nitasha | Fri, 03/19/2010 - 16:00
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51 miracles...and a haunting-A rare account!

People talking about ‘miracles’ in the 21st century may initially sound absurd to some. But after reading this book, which has ample proof in the form of medical certificates by reputed doctors, hospitals etc. along with the real life stories of these 51 individuals, one just can’t deny their existence. Moreover, it raises an important question- may be there are certain things which are beyond the comprehension of a normal human mind! Certain things which one cannot understand unless experienced firsthand, by becoming a student of this pious science of yog. This book is truly an eye opener!
Thank you yogiji for bringing this book out!

tulika_sh | Sat, 03/20/2010 - 07:36