Ridiculous Comparison

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First he learnt form Madame Blavatsky. Then he denied not belonging to any Guru and rebelled against her and the truth of having a physical Guru and was compared to Buddha. How ridiculous?
Where is Buddha and where is CVV?
He got a message from master MTA and received a mantra from MTA. Who is this MTA? (Paramatma or some astral being).
Why did master MTA help him when he was in distress?
How can a master keep quiet when his disciple is in distress?
Complete failure of his lone practices and his master MTA.
Did he lose faith in his Guru MTA to go again to Madame? Nothing but some hallucinations but projected to the world and innocent people as great experiences of spirituality.
CVV returned to Madame Blavatsky due to loss of property, worldly failure and after he became a bankrupt. Only in times of distress spiritual awakening begins. This comparison is meaningless for Lord Buddha sacrificed a kingdom to know truth. She should be praised for showing pity on a student who betrayed her. He felt he was transformed after the initiation of Madame Blavatsky.
Is it a transformation to marry again? Lord Buddha never married again after enlightenment.
Was one not ashamed to marry a 14 year old girl and thinking that she was Madame Blavatsky (his Guru) reincarnated?
The whole biography seems to be mental hallucinations and nothing more but projected to the world and to innocent people as great experiences of spirituality.
It is wastage of time to write about The World Teacher Trust that runs by his direct guidance.
Lord Buddha never studied any scriptures after the enlightenment or transformation but whatever Lord Buddha said or wrote became scriptures.