Rebirth & Nirvana!

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From the profile and the website the following is quite clear:
1. Lamas will never attain Nirvana for they are taking birth again and again. If Nirvana is attained then there cannot be rebirth. Hence Dalailama position is far from attaining Nirvana because he will be recognized by some other Dalailama in the future when he takes rebirth.

2. Believing the Dalailamas are manifestations of Avalokiteshvara seems to be illogical.

3. If a commom man cannot reach the position of Lord Buddha or Avalokiteshvara or Bodhisattvas or Enlightened Beings by following and practicing Their teachings, then where is the truth in Their unselfish teachings.

4. It seems in the beginning maybe some Enlightened Beings were followed and venerated by people but now it seems some selfish persons to enjoy authority and power over people continued these practices. Lord Buddha renounced His kingdom to know truth; even after attaining enlightenment He never accepted the post of a king or a ruler.