a real healer

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Dr Shas books are very inspirational and discuss self healing, and if i recall correctly most if not all talk about selfless service. He has a film called soul masters which features his Master too - I found it worth watching.

Dr Sha eminates compassion, joy and even if you dont meet him (it is worth meeting him), the books are brilliant as they cover mind body soul healing. Some books also cover enlightenment.

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Con and Fraud

This man is very dangerous. His is a mind control cult at it's worst-- under the guise of love, peace and harmony-- selling special transmissions that are nothing but a placebo...the culture behind the scenes is not spiritual at all--it's about marketing, persuasion and making money...the more the better. Beware. I know what I am talking about...People's psyches have been damaged, health worsened, finances drained, relationships destroyed....

TrueBeliever | Sat, 04/28/2012 - 02:41