Ramana Maharshi attacks integral yogis

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I would not recommend Ramana Maharshi as a gury.He is very evil and dangerous.His sect is horrible and it is in crisis now.Good students who aspire for enlightenment now go to Ramesh Belsekar and Nisargadatta Maharaj’s school, radical disciples join the Integral yoga school of Sri Aurobindo and the mother to struggle with Ramana Maharshi.Osho said that Ramana Maharshi is a mystic of the highest quality, but a master of the lowest quality.Sri Aurobindo said that Ramana was not completely enlightened because he was and still is dominated by vitalic plane of consciousness,Shivaite Maharshi has generated enormous amounts of anger, fear, and hatred. In another words ,Maharshi is much more psychopathic,proud,self-obsessed,evil and dangerous than an average unenlightened human being.That is why,I suppose Ramana Maharshi works as the Devil in consciousness of our planet and his Ganesha who he enlightened is the Devil in divine energy body of the earth.Maharshi is against integral yoga,he hates integral yogis.If integral yogis win, he will lose his power over humanity.Maharshi and his Ganesha would not be able to fool and manipulate people anymore. Maharshi and Ganesha were created to stop supramental invasion and integral yogis. Maharshi never wrote that he was the devil,it was a secret to the public, only some enlightened masters, including integral yogis who he attacked knew the truth about him, but Ramana admitted that he manifested himself in both good and bad,in another words he called himself the God-Devil, but his specialization was totally devilish.

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Ramana Maharshi attacks integral yogis

Ramana Maharshi the Devil, as the representative of the dark side of the force, of the old dark obsolete consciousness of our planet fought and still fights with integral yogis, the representatives of the light and new supramental side of the force.The color of Ramana’s consciousness is black with diminuitive spots of light.The color of consciousness of the founder of integral yoga is dazzling white, which then turned into yellow.They lived in the same epoch,I think Ramana Maharshi with his Ganesha attacked the founder of integral yoga all his life, they created and sent asuras or demons to stop him, they put pressure on him, frightened him,terrorized him, tried to fool him , blackmailed him, but did not defeat him. Ramana Maharshi left his body on the 14th April 1950, got totally united with the consciousness of our platet, which is covered by darkness ,evil and death and started usurping power over it. After seeing this, the founder of integral yoga realized that Maharishi gets stronger and stronger and that he could block supramental energy and it would be very difficult to defeat Maharshi in the future. That is why the founder of integral yoga had to leave his physical body on the 5th December 1950 and start struggling with Ramana Maharshi in the consciousness of our planet.
Ramana Maharshi and his Ganesha still attack integral yogis. They make some integral yogis, especially beginners , inexperienced ones obsessed with the devil or insane, they put psychological and physical pressure on them, irradiate them with bad energy that makes them suffer, send them scary thoughts and images, emotions, desires to block the flow of supramental energy, talk to them telephatically as demons, come to their houses as ghosts and spirits.They attempt to assassinate integral yogis or create difficult circumstances for their lives.

stopthesect5 | Wed, 04/17/2013 - 09:18
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Complete fabricated disinformation by your hallucinating mind

Have you taken something or rather should take and forgot? This childish and may I say, a bit crazy, post with all these baseless invented arguments has nothing to do with reality and of course has no record. Why do you waste your time in writing this nonsense here and in other well-known decent gurus? Why to smear and spread this disinformation?

I don't even think that Ramana ever bothered to criticize directly the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo. He didn't need to do so because so many others did scold that confused and not integrated at all theory. No wonder hardly anyone nowadays follows this Integral Yoga.

And if you are talking about sects, go on visit Aurovile.

solo | Thu, 04/18/2013 - 12:29
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YOGI is a YOGI..

dear sir,
i m little too small to say this but allow mw plz..

i m stunned to see the remarks of some spiritual seeker, so WORLDLY..
i dont need to label these remarks about Ramanna Maharishi as more than that ..

Oh Dear of GOD.. i m sure, what ever you are saying has not been anything more than hear-say, none of your coated account of few of the greatest souls of present or recent past are the truth..


krishnad | Thu, 04/18/2013 - 16:56
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stop all bullshits here

plz stop all bullshits here about the great enlighten souls, and I would request Team of Gurus feet to remove these posts and ban this person from here,
He is spreading all nonsense here,

madan_gautam | Tue, 04/23/2013 - 10:45
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Strange but true somehow!

I do not practise Integral Yoga or any other spiritual path but a totally self-revealed Universal Gnostic path of Vac∞Brahma AdiTantra ( nice name eh just made that one up lol)that encompasses all realms of experience including material emotional and spiritual as equally valid dualistic play of the Source and its beloved offspring haha..
a New Age Revelation by the great Mother Goddess Azna/Gayatri/Sophia and Her Consort (Adi)OMૐ (Prajapati Brahma EL'OHIM Himself, The Heavenly Father)

...However everything I have read here about Ramana here matches my experience closely..(funnily enough Sri Aurobindo was an alumnus of my school).
I have experienced violent psychic attacks by him over the past few years and a host of vicious entities he sent once I turned my back on his teaching and path revealing his hidden malevolent face..I am no longer deceived by his charming countenance and all the hagiographies I read.
Simply put, he is a spiritual megalomaniac who has arrogantly put himself in the place of God and deliberately and criminally suppresses and tries to control the renascent Goddess consciousness returning to this planet simply because he once merged with it!

I have studied and followed the life denying/exploitative teachings of a number of other gurus such as U.G. Krishnamurti,Adi Da, Andrew Cohen, Sai Baba, and they all exhibit the same dominating narcissistic ( and Ramana covertly supports these others in the Guru Old Boy Network from his HQ in Mount Arunachala)

..I have been clearly shown that there are links to an extraterrestrial Reptoid Alien Agenda on this planet but most people reading this already think I'm crazy ( and to tell the truth even I thought it was wacko for a long time!) so I won't go on about it lol and leave you instead to bask naively in the innocuous loving doe-eyed gaze & soothing(mind-numbing-robotic-submission-inducing)words of the "most perfect master that ever walked the earth" bla bla good luck :-)

Please let me know when you start to think for yourselves again and REALLY wake up.God Bless everyone:-)

For another take on Ramana ,Shiva and the Arunachala Scam:

Angelic1966 | Wed, 08/21/2013 - 21:59