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He was a master of Swami Vivekananda. His short stories are accompanied by a moral , which touchs to life.


Touches to life

He was not only master of Swami Vivekananda but also many of others----as Shivananda, Brahmananda, Premananda etc. who were called inner circle of his disciples while other circle was of his lay disciples, household disciples etc. His stories lead towards the path of Divinity and teach us how to follow the methods of spirituality.
As you being my brother from Bengal so I wish you study his books in Bengla language available from Ramakrishna Mission called 1. Leelaamrita and 2. Vachanaamrit. originally written in Bangla but their English translations are also available under the following titles----
1. Shri Ramakrishna The Great Master
2. The Gospel of Shri Ramakrishna

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