"Saint" !!! Francis Xavier

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Dr. Alfredo DeMello (born in Goa in 1924) is a famous historian who today lives in Uruguay in Latin America. In his brilliant book titled ‘MEMOIRS OF GOA’ he has given a detailed and graphic account of the horrors commited by "Saint" Francis Xavier during the Inquisition in Goa from 1510 to 1812.

Though Saint Francis Xavier has been given much respect in
India, with many schools named after him, his real
intention of coming to India was to uproot "paganism" or
Hinduism, and put an end to the ancient Vedic traditions.
And he did whatever he could to do that. Francis Xavier was
especially vicious towards the Brahmanas, and once said if
there were no Brahmanas in the area, all Hindus would
accept conversion to our faith. (From Atrocities on Hindus
by Missionaries in Goa, by V. Sundaram)

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