"I can give you Self-realization... tomorrow!"

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Friend and I went to see him in London. Holds meetings on a regular basis wherever to bring in new recruits. His exact words to me were "I could have you Self-realized tomorrow". Next day I had a one-to-one session with him, which could only be described as superficial and weak. He then said "come to Germany and I can give you Self-realization there!" Huh?
Nobody can impart Self-realization to anyone anywhere never mind in Open Sky House in Germany.
I strongly suggest any newcomer to this man to give this one a big miss, otherwise could cost lots of money, energy and of course time.
All he seems to have learnt is Osho's behavioural tricks and power games. A bogus Guru with a large set-up and ego to maintain in Germany.
He is also a womanizer and a non-vegetarian who eats like a pig and puts large quantities of food down his gullet. This man is definitely "I am the body"