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one last comment or question...if the proof and test of the opening and activation of the vishuddha{throat} chakra is the eating of glass....then what do you guys do to prove the activation of the muladhara{you know where!} chakra????does it have anything to do with lightbulbs?or broken glass????

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There is no Muladhara awakening...

Like I wrote, only two chakras are awakened (Manipura + Visurthi). When a certain chakra is activated in a person, the person will derive the benefits related to the activation of the chakra. e.g Manipura is mainly associated with digestive system. If this chakra is activated in a person then his/her digestive system will function better. Similar to those whose took the YogaShakti Seminar, their health (especially digestive system) has improved. You just look at the benefits you get and you`ll see the evidence yourself.

belovedofgod | Wed, 07/11/2012 - 03:25
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Well if human's stop looking for miracles to justify a clearly a person godliness, the enlighten one as guruji wouldn't have to prove how faith in him and god could work miracles. Lol, seriously stop dwelling so much on the mechanic of how glass eating can prove something and learn on how faith in god and a guru can enrich ur life.

yoda23 | Tue, 04/23/2013 - 15:46