Predatory Sexual Behaviour

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****WARNING**** Chris Mitchell (“Master” Chrism) has recently lost most of his members (more than 300) from his yahoo groups because of revelations about his demeaning and predatory sexual behaviour towards women students. Have nothing to do with him!

His online persona is a front for the darker personality that is the real Chris Mitchell. For details see,109841 and

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Master Chrism - Clever Predator

Master Chrism runs a site relating to Kundalini, and I became his student approx 5 yrs ago. From day one I was aware that something had recently happened in the group regarding a couple of female members. I could not find any information on what had transpired because most negative messages related to it had been wiped off. I was just led to believe that these women were unhinged mentally and were out to cause trouble for the group. In fact they had been sexually abused by Chrism.

I was happy with the teaching and was invited to make face to face contact with Chrism on skype. I was asked to do this when my husband was not around as it would interfere with the session. I found out later he asked women to self pleasure during skype sessions. I decided against this, and am glad I did. He would also set up exercises for us to do, related to our personality and what we needed to face and deal with in our life.

What he asked his female members to do was strip naked & bow down to a photo of his face while chanting mantras he had written. These mantras were a devotion to God with the name 'Chrism'. He also asked us to strip naked in local parks and woods, & walk alone with nature. We then had to relate this back to him. I was not a good student as I never did anything men demanded of me, Guru or not. And especially not this. We were made to believe that not following orders would hinder our Kundalini energy & spiritual path. To disobey him was disobeying god.

I will add more in another post, but I will close this by saying, NO woman should go in a mile of this man. He is in denial & out of control.

Dakini1 | Sun, 05/20/2012 - 21:22
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predatory Sexual Behaviour

" he has recently lost most of his members ..."

This is NOT true.... there are 1,382 members on chrisms yahoo group!

WHAT are you talking about!

What you have quoted here is in error just like much of your writings on this topic! Have you ever met chrism in person or is particular hearsay your evidence?

Your blog words in your link are spewed from a soap box of ignorance and judgment and perhaps even from a need to be personally involved in the drama!

You constantly are stoaking and perhaps it helps you to increase hits on your own blog, or on your own "arty" photographs for I have seen you suggest that people come to your own teachers yahoo site and facebook group too.

The recent revelations you give the link to came from one woman who has written of her story and indeed this does not make for nice reading, given as it is written from her perspective as "the victim". When a victim says she is a victim in todays society we dare not question this perspective for it is absolulty not politically corrrect to do so !

"Becky" it seems to me on reading had plenty of previous personal knowledge to enable her to walk away from teachings that she did not want to be involved in. She was aware of many of the tantric instructions that were given to other students yet she returned to visit again and insisted on that very type of teaching be hers to experience.

Lets call a spade a spade here, the motivation of the "victim" in staying with the tantric work that was being done, came from her own perspective of what she wanted to get for herself! And there is nothing wrong with that except that she has abandoned personal responsibility and substituted blame for the choices that she herself made.

I am a student of chrisms and have been for 4 years, and I will continue to be, I choose this willingly and with gratitude for his teachings (along with 1,382 other people on his group) because I know him to be kind considerate loving tough fair demanding honest and in service always to his students and the kundalini community that is still active and happy to be there with his guidance.
for those of you who would like to check out this community please feel free to visit us at
you will be very welcome.

ruby246 | Tue, 05/22/2012 - 01:45
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You Want Him - You Have Him


I stand corrected. I was incorrect in my reply to you on the other post - your teacher does NOT have ethics!

Moving on. As far as the number of members goes we both know that they are made up mostly of old members who have long since gone and Chrism would not allow the member list to be cleaned out as it inflated the look of popularity of the site. The current number of members is totally bogus.

All of the comments written about Chrism are by those who experienced them. None of it is hearsay.

I do not have a blog and I do not have any arty photographs. I know who YOU are "Ruby" but you are obviously confused about me.

The facts about encounters with Chrism are facts NOT stories. The facts as they occurred are stated and they are not anyone's opinion.

None of Chrism's sordid practices are Tantra - far from it. Chrism's perverted approach to his female students is the exact opposite of a loving based Tantric teaching.

You want to call a spade a spade. OK, let's do that. You say that the "victim" abandoned personal responsibility yet it is Chrism who has done that! "Shakti told me to do that" is his defence. Now that is what I call abandoning personal responsibility!

You also seem oblivious to the fact that there are many ex students and members complaining about his activities, not just one person. I guess ALL of these people must be wrong and YOU must be right. No, wait a minute - that's probably unlikely.

He has no integrity as a teacher and has shown himself to be a liar. You want him as your teacher - you can have him.

P.S. say Hi to all of the "ghost" members for me!

KundaliniKarma | Tue, 05/22/2012 - 17:18
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You are so full of shit.

You are so full of shit. Attack the victims! I hope you have changed your tune since writing this. good god!!! btw chrism is in terribly bad shape. he has no powers, no gift of grace. if he ever did it was taken away bc he abused that gift. again tho IF he ever even had it. If you are active, were when you met him please do tell has it gotten any stronger. chrism does not give anything. he takes!

kactive_ethics | Tue, 05/22/2018 - 22:41