A Perfect Master

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Only in mystical realization one can call himself as Avatar. Meher Baba was not only mystical master but also a master to all truth seekers. Since there is lots of Advitic essence in his teachings.

If the Advitic essence is bifurcated from his mystical side of teaching it leads towards wisdom.

His life and massage is an inspiration to the followers and seekers of truth.
Even though Paul Brunton had adverse opinion about Meher Baba expressed in his book. His understanding about Meher Baba proved to be wrong, and in the latter years of his life, he was asked about it, by his close associate, whether he holds the same old opinion about Meher Baba,as that expressed by him in the book "A SEARCH IN SECRET INDIA"!

Paul Brunton confessed that if he has to write now,about Meher Baba, he would write differently.

It is better to go to the Meherabad, the spiritual paradise founded by Meher Baba and verify and make sure for themselves and realize the fact that, he is a perfect master for mystical realization and for realization through wisdom.

Lilian has given correct picture about Baba,I hope more Baba lovers who are spread throughout the universe will write about Baba's universal mission and spread the massage of love and wisdom.

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Dear Friend
I too have heard this same story about Paul Brunton having a change of heart in later years about Baba. I know for a fact that He wrote Baba a letter in the 1950,s and Baba corresponded back. But I have never heard what they talked about.
Peace and Love
Jai Baba

ocean | Thu, 02/02/2012 - 13:57
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He was a large influence on Pete Townshend of The Who. That was how I first encountered his name and unique countenance.

The more I read about him and read of his teachings, the more I fell in love with him.

alex1987 | Tue, 12/11/2012 - 07:55