Nome - a true teacher of Self inquiry

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I have been with Nome for a number of years, and from his teaching have come to see what is true about my own being, my own identity. I am most grateful for this.

Nome teaching Self inquiry based first on his own direct experience and practice.

Nome goes to great lengths to answer the question of those that come to him. The way questions are answered is by the seeker looking within themselves, and seeing the assumptions as to their own identity that the question was based upon. Understanding this, and inquiring into it, then the question is resolved.

I also appreciate that Nome has made the effort to understand the wealth of Advaita Vendanta teaching from the Veda-s, Upanishads-s, and teachers like Adi Sankara and Ribhu.

Nome also in deeply involved in translation efforts, to translate and publish materials that are unavailable in English. The best known of these is "Song of Ribhu," the only complete English translation of the Tamil Ribhu Gita, so highly recommended by Ramana Maharshi.

While living now in Tiruvannamalai I listen to other teachers who come through here on the 'circuit' and have found none that teach inquiry at the depth and clarity taught by Nome. It is his teaching that really enabled us to make this move from the USA to South India, and be so happy.