Nigura (Non-disciple)

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I am sorry if my points hurt some followers. But truth can no longer be hidden. Hope, his followers are open to truth.
He was a nigura (non-disciple or uninitiated) and served no Guru. It was heard that he even betrayed his Guru who helped him in his youth. He was a gurudrohi (betrayer of Guru).

The scriptures and the wise say,
"Dubious is all one's knowledge
If a Guru one doesn't acknowledge."

"Fools follow the one
Who has followed none."

"Sans teacher, one cannot learn even science.
Sans Guru, what one knows is only nescience."

"The wise follow the one
Who has followed someone."

Without surrendering to Guru or God what one does, speaks, thinks, feels, writes, etc. is only projected and propelled by EGO and nothing more is the opinion of saints, sages and the wise.
The truthful are not against Jiddu's followers who only propelled and projected his ego not their own ego. This is good to follow someone than our own mind (ego).