Most favourite Child of Mother Divine...

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Ramakrishna was among the most favorite child of Mother Divine(Maa Kali), it is said that she used to talk to Swami Ramakrishna for hours........Swami Ramakrishna has always see mother divine in her beloved wife Maa Sharada, who herself was self realized and was an epitome of love and kindness........
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The most precious child of my Mother was Thakur and has been; and other precious children of my Mother are Shri Ganesha and Hanuman Etc.
The most precious being in the sense that He loved the most to Mother, He saw the Mother everywhere and in each thing and also He did each act for Her, therefore he looked Sharada as the same form of Mother Who was in temple Deity and in his physical/biological mother who gave Him birth. In His views Mother is the Highest God and nobody is above Mother and once upon a time I listened from a saint during a lecture in Ramakrishna Auditorium that He (Ramakrishna) knew nothing except God.

It is said, 'He knows nothing except God'.

NIDHI PARKASH | Sun, 06/26/2011 - 10:50