Money for Satsang? Ask your guru.

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Papaji is Mooji's guru, or so I thought. Mooji may have received shakti transmission from papaji. Danger signs are flashing however. Has Mooji succumbed to the temptations of power and money and other unnamed bonuses? Have these satsangs become more about money than truth? Read on.

Papaji consistently said no monies were to be taken for satsang. If payment is asked for satsang then the satsang becomes tainted, Papaji has said. There were to be no exceptions to this rule, other than to cover publishing costs for books on a not-for-profit basis. So if you as a follower have money and pay for it you will not be getting pure satsang. If you do not have money then you will not get satsang at all, ie you will not get in the door! There seems to be a well organized income stream pouring into various trusts etc from Mooji's satsangs which surely are not the purpose of satsang. What would Papaji have said? What happened to the humble Anthony Paul at Papaji's feet...see video before Mooji's awakening.
Satsang = meeting of truth. Truth is free.
Ramana Maharshi never ever charged , nor Nisagadatta Maharaj, arguably two of the greatest Non-Dual teachers of the last century.
Satsang by its very nature is free.

Also,checkout David Godman on what Papaji says re satsang: