The milkman

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It would seem you need to have money to receive these teachings. ...(outwith endless Youtube videos).
Is this guru authentic or simply making a career out of guru-ship ie earning from being a teacher, and from the young and naive in particular. Much of this organization seems to revolve around collecting more and more money. ...Did Sri Ramana Maharshi ask for money? No. Did Nisargadatta Maharaj ever ask for a penny to receive teachings ?....not once! Check out charges for current Mooji teachings, eg satsangs .....WOW. Very uncool. Not authentic. No freebees here!
Alarm bells are ringing loudly! All a bit reminiscent of Osho's empire building and the Ramesh Balsekars' exploitation of the teachings for his own gain ....a bit similar also to Tolle in this regard. There are others MILKING these universal teachings too....not good.
Mooji is keeping his followers in an ever-expanding loop, that invariably involves spending more and more money. He is keeping them dependent on him, instead of helping them self-realize. It looks like Mooji himself is limited and not fully realized, and so cannot take his followers any further towards realization than he himself is. Like a record with a crack in it. Over 15yrs of teachings / many words. Where are the realized followers from all their time spent with Mooji? Can any readers name one?
Just because one listens to the words etc of a guru does not mean throwing common-sense out of the window. One has discrimination and discernment. It is essential to use these. Why not practice this when choosing a guru? Poor judgement can cause psychological damage and spiritual darkness and actually waste a precious lifetime....
There has to be crystal clear truth at the core of it all.
Much of this ever expanding organization really does seem to revolve around business.
Blessed are the rich for theirs' is the kingdom of heaven!

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Mooji has thousands of hours of free content available

Links from and youtube reveal enormous amounts of free satsang and interview content. His teachings and love have been a blessing to me and thousands of others. Much gratitude and blessings to Mooji and Mooji Sangha!

ibakan | Wed, 05/09/2012 - 09:04
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Read the milkman post

ibakan, You have not read the post, nor addressed the issues raised there. A million hours of free content is not the point. Perhaps better to read the post again and then make an informed comment. Namaste

chasbaba | Tue, 05/15/2012 - 07:32