Master Healer

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Yes Indeed! I have watched his lectures and observed him carefully. Shri Avdhoot has indepth understanding of healing mechanisms. Moreover, he heals more with words than real healing through energy; that is to say, his words help people un-knot themselves in their minds and let the flow of thoughts regain their straight & smooth path. He creates energy vibrations through his presence and kind gestures, words, smiles and interaction with simple & common man.

He is well-read and has good communication skills; knows what he is talking about.

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yes, he is master healer

ya, his words, his prensence n his smile, his bhajans has rejuvenate my life n empowered ne positive energy so that i m always in the state of full of bliss and unconditional love, Gratitude to gurumandala and all the beings of universe.......Om namha Shivaye.

Sangita Shivanand | Mon, 02/06/2012 - 06:11