Maa Dhiraja with Osho and Virato

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A neo-sannyasin (disciple) of the enlightened mystic Osho since January 27,1999, Ma Deva Dhiraja*, also known as Lyudmila or Luda, is Russian, but was born in the Ukraine (then a part of the Soviet Union) on November 19, 1973. Her mother was a medical doctor from Moscow, and her father, of Tartar stock, a veterinarian and jeweler from Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Russia when it was the Soviet Union. As an infant, Dhiraja moved to Tajikistan just east of Afghanistan, bordering China. Tajikistan was a part of the Soviet Union.She spent her early childhood living within the indigenous culture of Tajikistan, a Moslem country, influenced by neighboring China and Afghanistan. Dhiraja attributes much of her spiritual foundations to this period of her life in this distant culture.As the rumblings of war were heard in the distant air in this Soviet republic, heralding the end of Soviet domination, in 1983 Dhiraja left the desert mountains of Tajikistan for St. Petersburg, Russia. She was 10 years old.Pulled from her Tajik culture, her childhood from the age of 10 was reclusive and highly empathic. She studied at the famed Art Institute of St. Petersburg, Russia, and today enjoys intuitive art, and loves to create collages, working with all art media in all forms. Dhiraja sees art in life's simplest things...from a crumbled leaf to a street artifact, and often uses what she discovers, in what she says is "from life's storage bin," in her art.Dhiraja is not of this world, and is often able to predict situations before they occur. As an empath, she often travels into other dimensions of consciousness. A natural healer, her touch itself seems to create an altered state and healing in those she touches. Dhiraja embodies a spiritual philosophy of existence and enlightenment.
Comes to America...Dhiraja met Virato on September 18, 2000 in St. Petersburg, Russia while he was conducting psycho-spiritual consciousness events there.