Liar, sexual predator, demean, degrader of women.

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'Tanjeera Kundalini' an alternate account of mine on facebook has a comment from woman today that was at John of God while chrism was there. This is what she told me today:
Joao usually holds his hand when he is incorporated. That is, the entity holds out inviting the hand. At Chrism, he withdrew his hand in disgust and did not give it to him.

THAT'S pretty bad!

I remember when chrism went there. it was bc a young man asked him to go with him. the young man was terribly possessed by entities.
chrism took advantage of this young man imo for a free ticket to jao's. he got that free trip but the young man was never helped.
I do not know of anyone that was ever helped with entities by chrism. he is a possessed man himself how could he help anyone?