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YOGI JI "says, No matter how pretty, how powerful, how intelligent you are--what you sow, so shall you reap. It's as simple as that. The divine energy is like a super computer, where the pulse of your actions whether in thought or deed (Karma) gets fed into it, and the result of the action will find you wherever you are. So if you fool someone, someone in turn will fool you, if you cheat somone, you shall be cheated upon. This is nature's way of balancing things. Whatever force you unleash, good or bad will have to be balanced out. There is always a pay-back. The law of Karma applies to everything and everyone.

Keeping this context in mind, you must remember that you cannot do anything for a Yogi or a highly evolved spiritual being. When they give you a boon or a curse, it is just to create a balance. If you desire something, then simply improve your karmas. This is the foudation of 'charity'. It is not for a Yogi to give, it is your actions that compel him to. So whatever you desire, start giving that to the creation and watch your object of desire chase you. However, do keep in mind, if you do charity and begin to count it, keep a tab on it, or start telling people about it, it is no longer charity.