Judge Yourself By True Vision (Sudharshan)

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1. Ravi Shankar added Sri Sri on his own before his name. This shows self claimed honours are only projected by ego.

2. His Guru Maharshi Mahesh Yogi taught Transcendental Meditation whereas he, the favourite disciple (as claimed in the blog), Sudharshan Kriya which he learnt on his own and against the teachings of his Guru. Does a favourite disciple teach anything different from what he learnt from his Guru? This is Sudharshan (good or true vision) for the truthful. He deviated from his Guru is clear.

3. Were taking money for teaching Sudharshan Kriya and other spiritual practices also taught by his Guru?

4. He may be a Guru for the rich for he charges for spiritual practices. So a poor man cannot reach him. God and truth are the same for the rich and the poor and beyond all dualities.

5. If one asks for money or donation from disciples or followers, he cannot be a Guru but a beggar is the opinion of the wise.

Hope his disciples and followers are open to Sudharshan (Vision of truth) that they got by practicing Sudharshan Kriya.