It's good you added yourself

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Dear Omkaradatta,

It's good you added a guru profile for yourself. Please do not remove it. Reading your blogs, it is clearly evident that you have a lot of spiritual quality to contribute to others.

You do not need to apologize. You need to do exactly what your conscious tells you. There will always be people who will criticize no matter what you do, this is also ok as it is probably part of their own sadhana.

A lot of us have these conditionings of what a guru is. He has to be famous (for good or for bad), he has to have a lot of followers, he is supposed to have people doing for him the dirty work such as posting his/her profile, and for many a true guru is one who is already dead, they find it hard to appreciate a living one.

But none of the unique gurus I encountered in my life falls under these criteria.

So go on with your effort. It is evident that you have a sincere urge to assist others. This made me write you this piece.