Investigate yourself about this FAKE baba

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If you investigate anything then you will know the truth.. because the truth lies within you. So just think about this baba for while...

(just question yourself by reading the true information about him)

I investigated myself and found that:

He is not enlightened... because

1) Some of the videos show clearly that the miracle's(so to speak) he did is absolutely FAKE... If you want to check.. go to youtube and search... It's better to call him as a magician rather than god.

Remember we are all in the grip of maya... There is a need to get out of it... not to increase it by believing these fake baba's.

2) He always give importance to the VIP's... They can visit him personally... here we can find there is no equality for all in the perspective of him.

3) An enlightened person can bear extreme hot and extreme cold.... But What he is doing? just check this

How foolish it is to believe him as a avatar or as a guru... isn't it.. Staying in Bangalore or in Kodai Kanal during HOT SEASONS.. He can't bear the heat? what it says is that he is a normal human being with ego..

4) Why don't he think about the people starving in the world with out food.. even though He's getting crore of donations in dolors he's not spending for the good purposes.

He just built a hospital and some very few things which are not useful to get out of suffering.

Some people blindly accepts him as a good baba because of these little helps.Think a normal person found 100/- he can easily give 10/- to poor for the sake of popularity.

These free hospitals and free education about objects cannot help us to get out of this "maya" and become enlighten..

So While choosing a guru you need to be very careful... Fakers may trick you..
In my opinion If you want to enlighten don't choose him..



valkyrie | Thu, 07/28/2011 - 03:59
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God is not a stereotype

God does not need to be defended, but I need to share with your a very small part of my experience. I visited Baba´s ashram in 1985, stayed there for a month, and without talking to anyone, experienced what I think the first christians felt when Jesus Christ walked among them.
I had innumerable experiences that taught me very profound teachings, and learned that we cannot grasp what God is, even when He/She comes in human form.
You seem certain about what "enlightened" people can or cannot do (like bearing extreme hot or cold), but, can you be certain about what God would do and why?
In August, I saw Baba walking barefoot on the sands of Prashanti Nilayam, I saw him doing daily miracles, I received miracles from Him. None of them was fake. My life changed and has been blessed by the opportunity of knowing Him in this lifetime.
God, being omnipresent, omnipotent, and all-knowing, can do whatever He/She wants/likes in order to teach humanity: even, incarnate in what seems to be a common man or woman. If He/She would not be able to, He/She would not be God.
Do not try to measure God by your limited mind, He/She will always be much more than what all humans can imagine.

Thelightwithin | Fri, 03/16/2012 - 09:22
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Will you use the same argument and eat a stinking dish?

According to your thesis, Hitler can be an avatar as well. The argument that separates between the inner (is he an avatar?) and the outer (his behavior) is ridiculous and is always used by devotees of gurus that have problematic behavior. The inner and the outer are not separate disconnected entities.

These same people will never use that argument for instance when selecting a surgeon to operate on them or a nanny to take care of their son or regarding a potential spouse or regarding a stinking dish that is suspected as rotten.

sribonatar | Fri, 03/16/2012 - 19:01