An inspiring experience

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I have attended meditation with Swami Sai Premananda for more than 5 years and both my daughters were inspired by his wisdom and ability to assist in the progress of their meditation. Before Him my children would run from churches, temples and religion, he spoke to them in such a honest and loving manner that made sense of spirituality for them. He invoked in them a love for peace and thirst for englightenment, but more than anything they just wanted to be better people, they wanted to improve who they were as people, to be more kind more loving, sincere. We as a family have all found love and kindness, our life became about self improvement, Swamji taught us to look at our inner issues to work on them and find resolve, that spirituality is not all about sitting with eyes closed or singing God's name performing rituals. Its about change about becoming a better person for yourself, for your family for society, it starts with the individual. I used to lead my life with minimal love if i can even call it that, no kindness, not even a thought of improvement to my character and now my family takes great joy and pride in working on our character development, no,its not easy but we have all agreed that we dont want to sail through life, we want to live it. I Thank you Swamiji for his love, guidance and so much more.

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Now a campaign?

What a coincidence. Suddenly when there is this ugly debate here regarding this guru - opinions happen to sprout by coincidence...

We had enough of both these sides. Please leave us alone with your campaigns and contra campaigns.

nancy pro | Tue, 02/15/2011 - 19:56