Indistinct Union in the Ground

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Contrary to what the poster posted:

"But for Eckhart's Christianity, God and the soul are not all together identical as they are in Vedanta, for example. In the abyss of the soul God and the Divine Spark rest within each other, they fuse into each other, but they are never completely identical. Here Eckhart speaks as the true Christian he was: it would in his days have been blasphemy (and very dangerous indeed!) to call man God. But we can also see his point: there is no complete identification between the Gotheit and the soul, simply because the Gotheit is wholly transcendent and stays apart from creation. It is only as a deduction that God is known in the soul, but never in its own Gotlichkeit."

God and the soul are completely and wholly one and identical in the Ground, the substratum of Being:

"Eckhart's notion of indistinct union, like all his thought, is fundamentally dialectical, that is to say, union with God is indistinct in the ground, but we always maintain a distinction from God in our formal being as ens hoc et hoc. Even in the ultimate union of heaven, Eckhart insists, this distinction will remain.

"Indistinct union, for Eckhart, is a mutual and continuous states of nonabsorbtive "awareness" of identity in the grunt (Germ. 'ground')." The Mystical Thought of Meister Eckhart pg. 148; see also DW 1:119; 2:265-266.

While there will always be distinction in our formal existence, in the Ground of Being, there's always Identity mutually shared by God and the creatures. Oneness.