I spend a month in his community

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I spend a month in his community and saw him from up close. I would definitely NOT recommend anyone going there, if you look for a genuine spiritual teacher.

Premananda has a lot of anger attacks, en he frequently reacts them out on community members (then you hear him shouting loudly again from his office to one of the community members). Little things upset him.

E.g. he owns his own boat, but it looked like he got no legal papers for it. He goes out on the water with it, with a few community members and visitors. In the middle of the river there is no more petrol, and the boat is lying still on the water. (he wanted to put in petrol in the beginning, but decided then not to). This is dangerous for other boats.
He gets really nervous, afraid of the police coming and that he gets cought with his illegal boat.
Then he starts shouting at a community member, saying it's all her fault. And that she is 'stupid'.
The community member doesn't say anything back (is used to this kind of behaviour from him).

All the community members don't dare to speak back to him.
It is his way or the highway. There is no freedom of speech. If you do or say anything that premananda doesn't agree with, he kicks people out.
People are afraid of speaking what they really think.

Also personally I don't trust him sexually.
He acts differently to the nice looking girls than to the older guys for example.
He makes sexual comments (and one time he slapped my butt).
I tried to stay away from him as much as possible at a certain point.

One time i heard him talking to one of his girlfriend in the car (apparently he always has multiple at the same time):
trying to convince her to come on the stage with Satsang TV (his internet TV program that gets recorded in his community). She didn't want to. But he kept on manipulating. And telling her 'and don't wear the blue t-shirt. You should wear this green T-shirt. Deciding even for her what she should wear.