I know the crazy control freak

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I met Tyohar more than 10 years ago and spent quite some time with him and his girlfriend, Chandani. I was there when he was scolding her for some missing paperwork before Mahableshwar silent-retreat. I was there when a Scottish disciple was left behind in Mahableshwar-retreat, against warnings and common sense, and plunged 200m into his death. Tyohar told us that “Arenu got enlightened",but cried his eyes out in a 'private satsang' afterwards. Being the sound man, I had the audio recording of it, which he promptly took afterwards. Felt sad when he avoided Arenu’s parents and later quitely removed every trace of Arenu.
I was there when Tyohar stirred emotions and employed a “donate money now or the opportunity is lost forever” sales-gimmick in the midst of a silent retreat (Mahableshwar) to get 'donations'. He turned and walked all over the people who already committed to his project. His “ecological” commune destroyed a piece of rain forest and turned it into a real estate heaven for himself and his Israeli disciples. Once, his dealer wanted 'too much' for the LSD tabs, so "DJ Tyohar" wanted to do his “magic party" with ecstasy pills instead. Yes, drug use is rampant there and his dj'ing really sucks. Witnessing his freakout when he got jealous, subjecting Chandani and everybody in the commune to a negativityAttack was tough. As if it wasn’t him that had "little healing sessions" in the woods with a visitor. She left crying, never to return again.
I know Tyohar. I know his ‘exiting’,'wise', and ‘lying’ side; ‘compassionate’, ‘aggresive’, or ‘making you feel guilty’ side; ’sweet’, ‘bargaining like hell’, ‘horny’, ‘generous’ and 'entitled' side. Above all he is a control freak. He has no qualms using Osho, sweettalk, manipulation and everything else for the little kingdom he reigns over. If you want to, go check it out yourself but one advice: He might be borderline crazy, but he won’t be crazy enough to empower you once you're committed. And forget assertiveness.

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hey kali_mon, tnx so much

hey kali_mon, tnx so much for the detailed input. i was suspecting that this is the case after hearing several similar stories over the years from Israeli friends. Saddening.

I heard him once in a satsang in Jaffa, Israel and was not that impressed. It was the same standard advaita-like sloagans that many teachers recite nowadays.

PS. how long have u been with him?

PS2. by Mahableshwar you mean this place in maharashtra india? was he conducting satsangs there?

Annie | Thu, 04/15/2010 - 12:30
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i guess i have to answer this

Arenu and Mahabaleshwar was what bought us together with the strength to forge Pachamama. It was incredible what happened 12 years ago. I was there too. I'm not going to discuss, or debate too much, just that what rose from the ashes of that was the dawn of an incredible journey..whatever personal issues you have with Tyohar, thats your story. Its easy to judge. All i know is no-one is perfect, so don't expect awakening to be, don't expect Tyohar to be, and don't expect God to be. Pachamama is an amazing place, a unique, wild place and there is real work of transformation happening there. Its not perfect, its also a business, but thats how people get to live there and make their lives there. Its an amazing flower and Tyohar satsang blows your mind away...its not the words its whats behind the words. sit with any enlightened teacher and its not long before you experience truth...if we can join satsang in spite of your mind....
love all as one

deva viroka | Mon, 12/06/2010 - 02:10
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Ego Trip

This guy is on a ego trip!
He can't give satsang. He is not enlightened!
So many fools everywhere!

aicualg | Fri, 07/05/2013 - 16:46
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I don't know Tyohar, I

I don't know Tyohar, I attended once a satsang he had in Tel Aviv and he was quite impressive in his words and in his simple conduct.

You write in another comment here that you only saw a clip of him in youtube. You never met him nor attended any of his satsangs or read anything of him, just watched a youtube clip and yet you feel so confident that you decided to launch a forceful campaign against him. Apart of the baseless smearing what amazes me is the so much energy you waste to act on your baseless judgmentalism instead of focusing on yourself and inquiring why it triggers such an outrage in you.

Jasmin | Sun, 07/07/2013 - 06:23
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Satsang Universal Love

How odd to read about Israeli's who are interested in universal truth, light and love. I thought Israeli's were only interested in murdering Palestinian children. As far as the scam artist Tyohar is concerned, he is just another precious "chosen child of God" who is scamming people out of a lot of money, but nobody is going to question this because apparently, there are no Israeli (and especially Jewish) criminals, after all, they are God's chosen, so how could they possibly be anything but irreproachable....

Humanist | Fri, 12/26/2014 - 04:28
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Hey Annie, nothing but love <3

There's an old story about Mullah Nasruddin. After his wife dies, he turns into a hermit, rarely talking to people, living his own life. One day, one of his neighbors gets worried about the fun-loving Nasruddin he knew for so long and wants to check if Nasruddin is "ok". So when Mullah is on an early morning walk one day, he jumps in front of him, looks him straight in the eye and asks: "Mullah, what's your favorite food?" Not skipping a beat, Nasruddin answers: "Eggs!" Seeing the deep and sincere gaze in his eyes, the neighbor smiles and steps aside.
Many years pass and Mullah remains in silent contemplation, so the villagers get worried that he might not be so "ok". They convince that same neighbor to check up on him again. Again, one early morning the neighbor jumps in the path of Nasruddin, looks him straight in the eye and asks: "How do you like it?"
Mullah Nasruddin, with the same deep and sincere gaze in his eyes answers immediately:
"Sunny side up!"

I see that there passed more than 3 years since you asked the questions, SO here are the answers:
- I was with Tyohar just about 10 years, from the time he opened up his guru-biz in Poona and got chased away by the influential OshoCommuneInternational up to the time PachaMama got established and he stopped going around the world proselytizing (and making money with silent-retreats).
- Yes, it's precisely the Mahabaleshwar, relatively close to Poona, famous tourist destination. And no, Tyohar was not conducting satsangs there but held a month long silent retreat in a place called "Brightland Resort & Spa", which is right next to the Krishna Canyon. It turned out to be a pivotal time and the foundation of the subsequent Costa Rica commune-building.

Your experience with him in a satsang sounds very familiar. Having organized satsangs for him in California, I heard the same/similar feedback more than enough times. He is what he is and evidently floats the boat for some.
As always, the truest master is life itself.

Kali_mon | Tue, 07/16/2013 - 20:50
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I know this sad wanker

I was also present in Mahableshwar and I currently live in PachaMama, the beautiful spiritual village we have all built together and which celebrated it's tenth anniversary this year.

The seed to this place was pretty much planted during those magical retreats in Mahabaleshwar and it's remarkable to notice how many of the people who had their hearts touched back then live here now. Together we have created something truly unique and beautiful, yet imperfect.

One can only feel sorry for the above hateful speaker for having missed out. It's his loss not ours.

Must be a strange psyche that can cough up so much bile by twisting the facts around. I was there and saw everything you saw, the organizing of donations needed to finance the building of PachaMama and the other stuff you mention. Everything happened according to the highest ethical standards. I gave my own money to this project and it has been the best 'investment' of my life. Oh, and I'm not even Israeli.

Each of your points could easily be refuted but it would be a waste of time. You have taken things out of context and twisted the facts around. Everything that happened was very transparant, yet for some reason you see conspiracies and deceptions where others see the simple, rocky origins of what became our home in the forest.

And have you forgotten how you were on ecstacy at Arenu's funeral and Tyohar had to help you 'get a grip'?

Could your bitterness stem from the fact that the last time you visited PachaMama people avoided you like the bubonic plague because you skulked around like a ball of negativity? Maybe you forgot these things?

The man you despise so much is the same man who touch the hearts of thousands of people, in satsang around the world or in PachaMama, but oh well, Osho also had a few of these weird devotees-turned-haters around him.

We are all just poor, brainwashed idiots who has yet to see the evil intentions of the guru? Thank you, oh Wise One, for showing us the rotten way of your heart.

Tarit | Tue, 12/07/2010 - 03:29
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Wake up

Please do not compare OSHO with this weirdo!

aicualg | Fri, 07/05/2013 - 17:00
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I think you have to wake up.

I think you have to wake up. What do you want from this guy? You just say a youtube clip of him and it was enough for you to solidify a confident judgement about him? He may be false or true, this is not the issue, the issue is the fact that you chose to wave here a campaign against him based on nothing.

Jasmin | Sun, 07/07/2013 - 06:29
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A little sense of humor, Tarit :)

Thank You for giving an excellent example of 'different sides to the story'. But you have to be a little careful: if you call someone a "sad wanker" in your title, finish your comment with cheap sarcasm and sprinkle non sequitur accusations along with banal attempts to insult, the epithet "hateful speaker" you bestow, might not be too credible.
I don't know how you came up with me being on "ecstacy at Arenu's funeral" but just the fact that Tyohar asked me if I could videotape the event (which I did), that I was the person Lucas (Nithi) asked to take care of the funeral pyre towards the end when people were scattered and distraught with sentiments, all show that your memory of Tyohar helping me "to get a grip" is a figment of your imagination.
Maybe your ethos would be more intact if you would try to refute my points instead of throwing hollow speculations as to why I was in a bad shape last time I was in Pacha Mama. After all, one cannot be more of a "waste of time" than the other. Kinda wish you'd have the balls to tell the story of the death of Arenu, but I remember you-so never mind. As far as being depressed when I was there last, thank you for reminding me the "compassionate" treatment I received from the people whose hearts are so touched. But I guess it wasn't nearly as hard of times as some (a German woman comes to mind) people had after some psychedelic parties, freaking out on LSD. Yes, not having a good time in Pacha Mama was a stigma, which amounts to basic high-school peer pressure. There's only one DJ, tough luck if his music sucks for you :|
Back to the "ball of negativity": You don't know my experiences, don't know the interactions I was having with Tyohar and the Italian girls. You weren't there when Tyohar gathered the most "manly man" crew in the commune to attack a neighbor because the guy happened to cut a poisonous tree right next to his property... so you speculate based on appearances. The bitterness I had was not because of the interactions with others but because of the inner conflict to bridge what I had seen, namely: the discrepancy between the public and the private face of the guy I had dedicated my life to. The pain was divine, as the freedom is sweet. I embrace all of it unconditionally.
I thought it was funny that you'd insert the " I'm not even [an] Israeli" when describing how happy you are with your "investment". Given the facts, it sounded like a reference to the privileged status of Israeli buddies of Tyohar but I give you the benefit of the doubt. What you might be referring to might be the mentioning of the 'real estate business of parcelling parts of the rain forest' in my 3 years old comment. Yes, you are not Israeli, but a Dane. Oh, and you never became part of Tyohar's "real estate clique", did you?
Finally, I do not despise Tyohar, actually love never fades and is beyond control. I still love my first girlfriend from 26 years ago dearly, but I would never consider being with her and would have some words of warning for a guy who'd consider being with her without making it my business. Same is the case with Tyohar. I'm glad you and whoever else is still in PachaMama are happy there. I acknowledge that you deem it a loss for me and countless others who chose to part ways. The sense of polarization (us vs. them) wouldn't have it any other way.
Neither do I attribute evil intentions to him, having seen a myriad of facets to his personality. The comment I wrote in 2010 was not to put down people with him but sharing of my experience for the world in general. I see the bitterness and the zeal 'to get all the info out there' in it now. Sorry if it acted as "attacking the heart". But I've always been more of a questioner than average devotee, sort of a canary in the mine, a sharp blade to deal with caution. It protected me dutifully from manipulation and people who think that the way of the heart, any heart can be rotten, ever.
So just to show you "the rotten way of my heart", here's a joke:

A man is sitting at a bar having a drink when he hears a little voice saying, "Hey Mister! That's a great tie!" He looks around but he doesn't see anyone, so he continues to sit and have a drink and eat from the little bowls of snacks. He hears another voice say, "Hey, Mister! You have a very good haircut!" He looks around, but he doesn't see anyone, so he goes back to having his drink. He hears another little voice say, "Gee, Mister, you sure are handsome!" He looks around but he still doesn't see anyone. The bartender says, "Hey, buddy, everything OK? You're kind of jumpy." The man says, "I keep hearing these little voices, and they say nice things, but I don't see anyone!" The bartender says, "Those are our complimentary peanuts."

Needless to say, "the man" is Tyohar, and you (along with the other "PachaMamies") are the "complimentary peanuts".
It's a nice bar though, so why the long face?
Blessed be.

Kali_mon | Tue, 07/16/2013 - 22:54
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first time speaking out on this place, on this man--

i found this site and your thread Kali_mon - i must say your way of expressing touched me deeply - truth-telling with grace and humor - thank you -

i must confirm much of what you say - although i was not in pachamama long enough to experience such intimate knowledge and circumstances, part of the very rapid discontent upon arriving to live in pachamama in 2006 (i think) was the heightening pile of revelations daily - from the real estate speculation by tyohar and his cronies to the lavish spending on his little castle. i was there at the finish of the beautiful meditation center and as tyohar was completely absorbed in erecting his little private home/shrine(& boudoir...?) - chandana working her bit of witch-magic manipulations on whoever was not getting with the program (doesn't she legally own the land itself??).

from the un-monitored drug games in the forest (huge groups of people all high, no watchers, freakouts etc) to the simple underlying-but-obvious racist attitudes towards anything (anyone actually...) not israeli - and dozens of other points in between, my stay there was mercifully brief - but deeply disappointing.

if anyone here cares - i would add more about my experience - it has been enough time to have softened the bitterness of my experience and to have given me some insight into myself and to what i went there for - things i now know i can seek anywhere.

i did not go there for tyohar but for the seemingly wonderful community - which is in some ways but overall, was not. it works for some who are willing to either engage in these antics or to ignore them (or rationalize them) but not for me.

and BTW - i also felt his satsangs were, how to be gentle - unimpressive/not so useful (painfully un-insightful....?)

anyway - for those reading -- Kali_mons words should be heeded - but if you must go - go with eyes as open as you think your heart should be--

a piece of peace each day...

tamlin | Sun, 02/23/2014 - 20:57
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Thank you so much tamlin for

Thank you so much tamlin for your fascinating account and welcome aboard. I'm glad I had the luck to read it as well as Kali_mon's account because I was planning to go to Pachamama on my next trip to central america, I heard tyohar several times and was hopeful that he and pachamama will assist me on the path. You saved me a lot of trouble. I will be enormously thankful if you could write more about it and also about your spiritual journey and where you are today in that aspect.

lagrima | Sun, 02/23/2014 - 21:19
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older, wiser?? fer sure older....

oh please Lagrima - make your decisions as your heart and head lead you! - there are those that defend Pachamama and it's beauty - a dear friend living there is enthralled by Tyohar - he and his partner (last i knew) are ever-devoted - and that is where my issues begin i think....

the whole idea of a "guru" is a bit of a conundrum, is it not? and as far a Tyohar is concerned - i recently listened to the (wonderful) Tom Kenyon remind me that it is - ironically - the a**holes that teach us the most in this life and after almost 6 decades - i see this to be a truth--

i took sanyass from a dead master (Osho Commune, 1999) - an absurdity on the face of it, but my understanding was that i did not actually need a guru - that the search - the seeking - is actually to find the master in oneself - so my decision was that and it is the essence of my path. The draw of Pachamama was the lure of sanyass playfulness - the desire to create a home for myself and my partner with the creativity that bureaucratic western countries don't allow (some of the homes the creative souls have created at Pachamama are wonderful...) and to immerse myself in the community i projected - i imagined - i hoped - existed there.

my rude awakening 2 weeks after arrival to live there- awash in the disappointment that the management was completely replaced and all previous promises were forgotten with the new "managers" (promises of our ability to do what we came there to do for a living and a passion) was punctuated by a german pachamama resident who told me that my mistake was believing the pachamama was about love, community and sharing - when in fact (and he has lived there quite some time) pachamama was about "confrontation and transformation" - in that order. it was them i realized that i had stepped in major do-do and was not in the right place..... for me, for us.

but with all the downsides of gurus - i now have a new guru for the past 6 years - and she is remarkable! in the same moment she challenges me to my core, she delights me to the wonder of life and the cosmos. Speaking in riddles and koans, i must use all my mental skills to derive the essence of the questions and clues she provides. and talk about cutting to the chase! there is no other who has given me the mirror with such utter innocence and grace. I speak of the guru that my partner and i created - with the help of our human biology - my daughter of 6 years. I'm seeing that my growth - having a child later in life after my "seeking" period, has been a blessing as i am more aware of my smallness as well as my huge oneness with all that is - a different perspective with which to raise a child. I could wish that age made one more patient - in way it does and at times not - - what to do??

i wrote a paper about a year after pachamama to "exorcise" some of the things i saw and experienced. I wrote it in another persons voice and view in an attempt to understand better both pachamama and myself. i will send it to you in private - it has never before left my hard drive--

so you can use all of this to see if you need/want to experience pachamama. There are - of course - wonderful souls there - but the frame and the "master" are sorely lacking (or worse, misleading and even dangerous) and i imagine ultimately it becoming yet another "meditation" and "workshop" resort as poona has also sadly become--

best to you and i will forward the paper to you in private--

a piece of peace each day...

tamlin | Mon, 02/24/2014 - 19:04
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Dear tamlin, my heart and

Dear tamlin, my heart and head lead me to listen to you, seriously, something in your words... And reading your 2nd comment I realize why/

I too made this absurd act, taking sanyas from the same dead master in 2006 in pune. It's okay, one is easily carried away in that place and realizes the absurdity only after leaving the place together with the great relief that he can now cough while meditating and wear cloths that he feels comfortable with :-)

I too follow my 3 year old master son. You are so right about it. These masters not only show the way but allow you to see a one big amazing sidhi on a daily basis... But I think a "professional" living master is also essential to balance the master mind. The existence of rotten apples doesn't mean that there are no ripe ones out there and I believe that the rotten apples as well are also effective signposts on the path, especially on a reflective notion.

I've just finished reading your incredible essay you sent me. You must consider publishing it in some blog. I think so many will benefit from it, not only from the aspects concerning Pachamama and Tyohar.

lagrima | Mon, 02/24/2014 - 19:42
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False Prophet_Guru

I took a look at his interviews on Youtube (Satsang supposedly is in the presence of a enlightened master and he is NOT!)
He talks nonsense and looks like he is on drugs!
Sad to see people following idiots like him!

aicualg | Fri, 07/05/2013 - 16:40
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You build a total judgement

You build a total judgement based on a youtube clip? You conclude based on a youtube clip and a secret formula of yours about the appearance of a person if he is enlightened or not?

Instead of wasting energies on being so judgemental against a person you really don't have a clue about, I trulu advise you to focus on yourself and the reasons for you being so judgmental.

Jasmin | Sun, 07/07/2013 - 06:27