I heard incredible reports about him

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I heard several good accounts about this sage from people who were with him when he was residing close to Tiruvanamalai in Tamil Nadu.

Can anyone who has been with him tell more about him? I really want to go and be with him the next time I travel to India.

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Heart opens and tears fall

What words can truly express a Satguru? Baba is beautiful. Beyond words. Mind has all kinds of opinions and preferences, yet there is this Ocean of compassion here now in body still who humbly offers darshan. His direct devotee-assistant Bhisma ji is a beautiful example of His teachings and presence; the fruit of His compassion and grace. In satsang, we sing from the Ribhu Gita, throughout Baba sings and gestures with sacred mudras. He is otherworldly. One friend mentioned, "I've seen a lot of gurus, but coming here, it's like he's not even there. It's like no one is there." Profound when you just surrender to your own Supreme Self and leave the mind at the door with your shoes. Heart opens and tears fall. His mischievous laugh is a blessing to hear. The setting is very traditional with prostrations, fruit and flower offerings & prasAd. It is a beautiful experience. YES pray you sit with Baba next time you are in India. He is in both North and South India at different times of the year. Blessings. Om shanti

anandani | Tue, 05/13/2014 - 19:46