hello dear people of world,

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I am a strong devotee of Bhagwan Sathye Sai baba. Now you read what made me come close to him. He is multi-regional god. He says religion is one and its true. I had read bible and lot of hinduism books and what I came across was totally same message to all public. I had been a devotee for him from my born and born vegetarian because my family was vegetarian. Because of his skakti he was offering sindhur (red powder which indian ladies use on forehead) and bhibudhi (grey color power-smells nice)in my own house. After death of father and I came for my studies and renting in another town I minimised my devote for him and start trying bad qualities. I was so much enjoying myself with bad things that my life was going to spoil forever. I tried myself to get out of it but I was unable to. I was getting all types of bad lucks everyday. Every night when I try to sleep I think about problems going in my life asking why other people are happy and I am not happy. Then one day Bhagwan Sai Baba came in my dream. I saw him talking to me asking about my problems and when I was going to tell my problem I stopped dreaming. I called to my home and told mum about this. She told me to start devoting to him. from that day I started devoting him and little by little I was getting rid of bad things and qualities. By now, I have minimised my bad qualities and have happy peaceful life..
"My advice is just to you people. Just devote him and you see the changes in yourself. you will get his qualities and his identity in you.."