he thinks a lot of himself

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Premananda is one of those teachers who needs you, in order to run the community that he founded. For this he will play tricks on you. He will tell you that this is all for your all benefit...

I lived in his community for a while. There is a light side and a dark side. Before you surrender to him, read my experiences: www.fotoboom.nl/premananda.

It is hard to tell whether the Open Sky House is a sect or not. The degree of obedience is quite scary though.

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thank you

Thank you very much Ribkbik for writing your experience on www.fotoboom.nl/premananda. I was in his community for a month in total... After the first couple of days I also came to the conclusion that the degree of obedience was scary. I was trying to find out what was going on, and reading your experience helped me very much. Thank you!!

lalala | Sun, 01/23/2011 - 11:48
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Spot on!

Thank you so much for your story! I was in Open Sky house as a volunteer. From day one I noticed: this guy does not practice what he preaches. I was totally shocked and it was a wonderful experience.

Bente | Mon, 11/24/2014 - 11:23