A Guru Goes According To His Karmas

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Because of Asaram karmas or actions he is in jail.
The wise saying, "Like father; like son." proved in the case of his son. Everybody knows about this. I don't need to write here.
His followers and disciples say that he is innocent and falsely implicated, but one of his former follower or disciple or employee Prajapathi who voiced truth about him and the activities going on in the ashram was murdered. (Two more witnesses were murdered) Many other witnesses reported that there were attempts to kill them. These things instead of proving his innocence but approve and confirm his actions.
We cannot expect that truth comes out from the present judiciary system which can be influenced by wealth, power and majority opinion, etc.
There cannot be smoke without fire.
Though he is a disciple of a Swami Sri Lilashahji Maharaj and served him with devotion, as reported in the biography, what matters finally is one's Karmas or actions.
A Guru can guide, it is disciple who has to walk on the path.

According to His karmas the Guru goes,
According to his karmas the disciple goes.

His followers and disciples are so faithful to him that they can do anything for their Guru if he commands.
How far it is right and truthful if a Guru asks his disciple to kill or loot someone and disciple does it without discrimination? The wise never call it devotion but obsession.
The leaders of terrorists teach them to kill innocent people and they are obeying it that we are witnessing in the world. Is it self-realization?
Asaram has got a lot of followers and disciples but hardly there is a wise man among them.
Numerous followers and disciples have to lament along with their leaders and teachers when the wheel of truth rotates. That is why truth is also known as juggernaut.