Free Tibet

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It is not proper for the chinese to destroy another's culture and tradition.The tibetan culture is a natural activity of a particular people and should not be suppressed.It is quite unnatural for tibetans to become chinese as it is for chinese to become tibetans
The tantrc culture was taken to tibet by different teachers of india like padmasambhava,naropa and tilopa.What is there has been inserted for the growth and transformation of a nation in their own unique way.I feel that it is wrong to destroy this enchanting and wonderful culture which has contributed to benefit of many followers and devotees from around the world!
How can the chinese understand spiritual matters which is only reserved for initiates dedicated to practise?There should always be freedom of worship.Culture is influenced quite a lot by time ,geography and acceptance by the mass.The great tibetan masters who influenced their people did so through love and tactfulness and not through force and intimidation.Communism is a material philosophy and to force a nation to turn its face away from the spiritual life is to deprive it of its natural and basic human rights.What a great sacrilege.The chinese did not like the japanese presence in china and should not return the same suffering to another.It is time that the japanese and others join hands with tibet to free the people from brutal tyranny.