A former member of his group

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The copyright demands do not stop at Google or Guru's Feet. he did the same thing to many blogs that questioned him and further with YouTube.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation made a documentary on Vinod Seeparsad (aka Swami Sai Premananda) where they disclosed that he was not affiliated with any of the organizations he claimed to be part of - mainly Satya Sai Baba's organization - and that he has collected thousands of dollars by claiming to be a charity, yet none were found to be registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. This video was posted on YouTube and he had it taken down by claiming copyright to it too. YouTube, without investigating the authenticity of the claim, took the video down.

It is truly ironic that this man spent so many years creating this image of a swami on the internet and now is running from that same image - you cannot find one picture of him anywhere anymore. He even had his own website taken down.

These are not the actions of a real swami, these are the actions of a man playing the part of a swami.

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A Message from a REAL Member of the Group

I’ve been a member of Swamiji’s group from the beginning, up until now. There never has been anyone from Iceland, as this person is claiming to be. It’s obviously another fake profile.

This whole campaign of online lies and defamation against Swamiji, has been spear-headed by one woman only. She’s been creating various fake profiles in Gurusfeet and other Internet websites - all to defame Swamiji. She’s one of those people who has become unhealthily attached to destroying a Spiritual Master’s good name. Unfortunately, this happens in spiritual circles. The truth is always twisted, while lies and untruths run rampant.

I refrain from saying this woman’s name publicly right now. We honestly want her to one day get the help she needs. We love her and wish her well always.

rationalmind | Fri, 11/12/2010 - 00:35
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Open your eyes

I personally don't know this guru nor followers of him but I can clearly see the case from the clear facts:

How do you explain the official text in his guru profile and the case with Google?

This "woman" is also controlling gurusfeet? Did she became the owner of Google? She must be a very rich and extremely powerful woman this woman!

And what about all the accounts of previous followers and the reports from so many different sources? Does this woman possess ability to enter into people's minds and act through them?

There is too much evidence in this case from too many sources to avoid these trials to fool people with this story of a "woman". Come on, give some credit to intelligence, you can do better.

mariposa | Sat, 11/13/2010 - 08:10
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Is everything on the Internet true?

Thank you for bringing to everyone’s attention that everything you see and read online should be believed and considered factual. Great insight!

rationalmind | Sat, 11/13/2010 - 15:16
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There's no smoke without fire

There's no smoke without fire, especially when there is so much smoke.

Not everything you see and read online is true - everything you see and read about your swami (or maybe it is you?) appears to be true: you hear exactly the same story from different sources, from so many different sources, from so many independent sources, from so many establishments and not only individuals, courts, Google, My Space, Gurusfeet.

Please do not underestimate mine and other's intelligence. I have nothing to do with this swami of yours nor with those who are against him - I'm just a person with a common sense and I must say the case is very clear.

I hope that you and your swami will eventually see the light somehow and change your ways.

mariposa | Wed, 11/17/2010 - 18:03
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one who knows

My old friend rational mind,
I wish your were a little more rational than you have been behaving in the past years.

If i had not been a member of the group in the past, how would I know that Natasha and Sarika, who have both conveniently left comments in the "Pros" section on this swami's profile, are long standing members of the group? which begs to ask, why have their pictures been removed from their profiles? are they ashamed to be this swami's devorees?

Furthermore, I ask a few simple questions: why has your swami's website been removed from the internet? Why have all his pictures been removed from the internet under the claim of copyright? what interest does a realized swami have in claiming copyright over his photographs?

It is a relief to see that individuals like Mariposa are begining to see the reality of the illusion that is your guru.

Shantiness | Mon, 12/27/2010 - 19:07