Falsely acused and abused by Media

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The biography displayed on this page stops very abruptly. There is far more to be told about Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Paramahamsa Nithyanda Swamiji is a living incarnation, 293rd appointed Pontiff of Madurai Adinam. He is a yogi by birth,a powerful influencial teacher and has healed millions of people world wide. Swamiji has never harmed anybody. Instead Swamiji Himself has been the victim of abusal by media and other negative elements who are trying to stop Him from doing His mission. All allegations are false. It is time that the media is stopped from spreading false rumours, so that people can benefit from the many gifts Swamiji is sharing with the world. People of the world have the right to know the truth, and the right to be guided and supported to live a peaceful, happy, healthy life. It is the birthright of all of humanity which the media is interfering with. I am sharing from my own experience of having spent almost a year around Swamiji on and off. Would I travel from the West and spend 1000's of dollars to see Swamiji and learn from Him if these rumours were true? I can guarentee you that I wouldn't. And 1000's of worldwide devotees are with me. I urge anybody who reads this to not believe the media and not be misguided. Do proper research yourself and find out the truth. You can see more on Swamiji's website www.nithyananda.org Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.......Satyameva jayate!

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What? All allegations are false?

What? All allegations are false? the video is fabricated? the photos are fabricated? The media invented something which is evidently incorrect?

You throw a statement without even giving any supporting argument.

And then you claim that he is some kind of incarnation of something and that he healed millions of people without any proof, doing exactly what you blame the press.

Come on, you will need more than that to convince us and to convince yourself.

not_me | Sat, 10/13/2012 - 15:09