Extremely deceptive

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I have witnessed extreme emotional abuse toward his students. I have been witness to the emotional aftermath of those who have been sexually exploited as they have confided in me.

People usually find Chrism when their whole world is in chaos from kundalini, therefore he is the anchor that makes them feel safe and hopeful. Once they are feeling grounded and not crazy, he begins to hold this feeling of safety for ransom. Continually asking for more and more in the way of naked skype sessions and masturbation, showing full rectal spread and total and extreme control. Even to the point where he gives mantras stating that the student surrenders their soul to him. Whenever they hesitate at his next level of control he simply threatens that he will end their entire relationship. Of course they feel afraid and obligated to continue because they remember how unstable they were before meeting him.

Absolutely despicable

he literally does black magic with all of his mantras and steals peoples life force energies and souls.

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Thank you for getting the

Thank you for getting the word out!!

kactive_ethics | Tue, 05/22/2018 - 22:33