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I spent some time in his community. It was a really disappointing experience with this self-made-guru, who claims to be enlightened and to be able to give it also to others. A man with a very big ego. A brilliant manipulator. Continuously interested in getting new community-members in order to increase his (not always legal) income and support his excessive lifestyle (women, high quality alcohol, status symbols, like car(s), boat, expensive clothes and paintings etc. etc)
To his “spiritual habits” I could observe following: never saw him practising, often eating meat and drinking alcohol, keeping even satsangs in that condition. Continuously interested in women (in sex).
In his everyday life extremely neurotic/choleric, a person who never accepts a “no”. The life-style in his Open-Sky-House-community is therefore very sectarian.
I’m not recommending anybody to participate in his satsangs or take his “teaching” seriously. It would be just waste of energy, money and time. As said – a big disappointment.