Deep Meditator, Strong Transmission, Limited Audience

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Anadi's understanding of meditation states is excellent. His samadhi is real. He can transmit to students.

This was filed under Con and not Pro with some consideration to give those who seek him out some valid points so they don't waste their time. He won't want to waste his either.

He is not interested in the world outside his path. That is OK. Many yogis don't care about society either. He has spent his life separate from regular life. The desire to transcend has left him with little appreciation for human existence.

It seems his natural aloofness strongly influenced his interpretation of spirituality. This is a powerful path, but it can attract people who are quite uninterested in anything but their path. That is a matter of preference then.

He does think he has the best way and the rest of the planet is mostly full of spiritual garbage. This makes it a bit militant and separatist. He believes he has evolved beyond all previous traditions. Who am I to say he hasn't, but it can have an arrogance about it. This may work for some hard core meditators who believe in his vision and maybe don't care about the personality of the teacher.

He believes completely in what he teaches. It is his way. It comes out of very hard work in other traditions. He studied the buddha and others intensely. He is extremely smart and has penetrated things most people cannot understand.

The path is direct meditation within his framework for consciousness. It is not full of techniques, you must sit. The energy of his transmission communicates a distinctly unearthly state. It is not like shaktipat.

He has picked apart the process of meditation completely. He has some very profound direct knowledge. He doesn't know everything and suits only specific types. His cosmology and map of awakening is his own. It did not strike me as integrated with human life and thus not for me, but that's a personal choice.

Not for bhakti yogis or those easily offended.

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Fascinating account, thanks

Fascinating account, thanks so much. I wish I could have read your opinions about other teachers/gurus you've been with, I like your way of analyzing.

Were you a follower of him once?

abra | Sat, 01/25/2014 - 17:58
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Original, deep knowledge, but ...

Ichaim, thank you for your account. I am studying Anadi's teaching full time for more than year now. I have read all his books, listened to video and audio recordings, read articles. His knowledge is extraordinary, language he uses is very precise, detailed and experiential.

I have one but rather strong doubt about him however, as I feel dissonance between his teachings and his, let say "personal aura", which I perceive to be tense, rigid and arrogant, energetically unbalanced towards some sort of extreme seriousness and "deadness". In the beginning I was hoping this is just a first impression, but, as time goes by, this feeling only grows stronger.

I don't know Anadi personally, and I would be happy to hear some first hand accounts from his disciples, or from people who met him, hoping for my doubt to be dispelled.

now | Mon, 02/02/2015 - 00:19
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Reply to Now

Questioner "Now" - most biggest advice is trust instinct. really important you do this. Modern times is heavy with guru trips and traps

I read couple of his books and go to retreat. think he have good idea on meditation. but What you sense was same for me and it means even if some of it was good no reason to continue with him.

Guys like Anadi are all or nothing people. Good sometimes to be "all in" on your practice to develop yes but does not always grow wisdom. Middle way teachings can mean nothing to people like this.

Anadi say he study buddha completely but no signs remain in Anadi of the wisdom it has for working with obstacles of being a person. all or nothing people want only the final answer and think if they find for themself that is the answer for every other seeker. that is kind of stupid but the man has giant blind spots like this

The surrender he asks for goes around psychology and wants you to go direct to the divine source. In the books and the many lectures and in the retreat there are no signs he has a clue about psycho-pathologies that must be cleaned to become able to really get to a better state. why you should not be suprise he has strong shadow? Human beings are more than divine even if they can be that way. They are humans too but that does not interest him at all

Of course he is the messenger and key to the oversoul he claims to be in contact with what will purify you. So he is telling to connect with a conscousness beyond men but he discusses little of other manifests of consscousness, just his super divine connection source. That is a pretty special map that excludes other existences, other beings in different kinds of dimension.

I find this like a very patronizing kind of guru set up he created for himself. Some of his students really do think without him they are hopeless. Even if it is not his plan to make cult, his way of describe reality creates some too dependant students. Not all of the ones I saw; some very cool people too but yes some becoming less intelligence not sharper or clearer or cleaner following his logic.

What good is this transformation he sells if you become less intelligent? very common now for people to take everything from past and remove all intellect sources that help student study and learn and compare. anadi must be the original source; his teachings beyond all comparision which is BS

he seemed to me completely ignorant of human relations outside of guru situation he has created for himself. he lives in a bubble and he is a professonal guru who makes his living this way. OK making money doing yoga and meditation not the problem but if the game is make yourself the only one with the answers and the other traditions are no good now then it is also a con game even if he is good at meditation and some are help by him

He thinks you will become a true individual by discovering the real Me in his process (it is his special process of course; he wants to make you believe everything before him is no longer going to work; this is the new way and so on. He called a book Englightment beyond Tradition; yes pretty arrogant as you say)

yes he is cold and detach. thinks he is a savior for best yogi nominates so what he thinks compassion very narrow in concept.

Be brave. You choose your life. Be a free man or woman. Learn from best teachers. Some are good for only once then keep moving. You are not a slave to spirit laws if they play games with your mind.

If you meet teacher who already free and also wise and you love them they will know and understand you better than most humans. but Anadi may not for you if you already feel those feelings of his darkness. you cant warm the cold with hope. you must bring your own fire and work with wise people if you want wisdom. being powerful or divine can be the biggest game in the world so do not be afraid to say no

good luck

AbuMar | Thu, 12/22/2016 - 21:59
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Thank you!

Dear AbuMar,
thank you for taking time to reply! I really appreciate your thoughts and feel sorry for those remaining under the spell of Anadi. I learned from a friend, that "The Buddha at the gas pump" yt channel has removed their interview with Anadi, because of some serious issues related to Anadi's misbehaviour in India.

He certainly has some insights into spiritual practice, but also seems to be deeply deluded about himself and psychologically deficient, which is very dangerous mix for a teacher.

Be well!

now | Tue, 12/27/2016 - 10:50
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Do you know what exactly

Do you know what exactly happened? What did Anadi do as a misbehaviour?

Kevin1993 | Thu, 11/08/2018 - 14:10
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karakondzula | Sun, 05/12/2019 - 21:38
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Anadi teachings

Hi, can we please talk about Anadi? I am very interested about his teachings, but I can not find any person who had experience with him. We can talk via email, or something else...

Best regarts,

karakondzula | Sun, 05/12/2019 - 21:39