Complete Hypocrisy!

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Kaleshwar Anupati served no Guru and became spiritual teacher for others.
His vision of Shirdi Sai seems to be a hallucination and nothing more.
He compared himself with Jesus, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Shirdi Sai and Ramana Maharshi on his website.
These sorts of stories are very well received by gullible and innocent believers who can be deceived easily.
All his works are propelled and projected by his ego and nothing more.
Fools believe if one says that he continued studies and worldly education even after attaining self-realization or enlightenment or after reaching truth or having the vision of Mother Durga or God etc. etc.
The saints with whom he compared himself, never had worldly education after attaining self-realization is the proof of his false claims.
He studied under the guidance of teachers for worldly education at a University but he had not served a teacher in spiritual education but projects himself a Guru for spiritual seekers.
Is it not hypocrisy?