Chrism Kundalini Conduit of Darkness

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If you know in your gut that something is amiss, it likely is.
My first inkling was listening to his radio show and hearing him make fun of questions asked. The next reality check was hearing of his rude behavior towards an elderly woman and someone i also know. His excuse was 'her shakti told him too' she excepted that! I was surprised but let it be. it is funny how some of us except being demeaned-belittled its a very unhealthy way to live.

There is a very confusing thing that happens when you learn to trust him instead of your gut.. you start to make justifications for his bad behavior and when it becomes so hard to keep doing it you wonder what happened to cause this rift in him.. And you wonder how he still has grace to give to others shaktipat. i have come to realize there isnt anything to him but some average lower astral psychic abilities.

I joined his online shaktipat dec of 2015 after meeting him at a spiritual center near where i live. I was in a spiritual crisis at the time so no wonder i thought i found a place to land. i needed one so bad!finally after the second seminar i took the bait to become a student, he wants full control over you. The mantra giving him everything including your soul, caused me to wake in the night screaming. my whole being telling me NO and i didn't listen to it. 'oh must be the ego resisting' really?? Well then listen to that! The naked skype left me so conflicted. after it happened to another young woman i finally had to speak out.

What makes this long story the saddest for me is his biggest woman supporter has known about the degradation and abuse of women for years and doesn't do anything. I try to understand that but its very hard. She alone was the deciding factor for my decision to become a personal student. I trusted and looked up to her like a big sister . . I have lost friends from his group for speaking out but have met many more, better, stronger, honest!