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chrism works with those who often are in a state of upset and fear with the Kundalini process. For the first few years of the process I was in a deep depression. It was very helpful to have a teacher that offered teachings on many topics including how to deal with depression. Working the KAS1 protocols are a way to come to balance with the phenomena that comes.
The articles of teachings touch upon much of the experiences that one can have while on a Kundalini journey. chrism has lived thru many phenomena in his process. He is able to explain, support and offer guidance as to how to deal with things that come up.
Dealing with Kundalini is not an easy road, having a teacher that can relate to one's process on a personal level makes the road more manageable. chrism is one who has traveled the road and I for one have benefited from his experiences.
My depression now seems a thing of the past. I understand the Kundalini process much more than I did and with that understanding comes an embracing of the gift that now encompasses all of my being.
Kudos to the KAS1 teachings and to chrism.