Bliss of Non-violence


Verbs can be converted into nouns, adjectives etc. and nouns, adverbs, adjectives etc. can be changed as verbs also; hence it is grammarian action as well as the activities of languages.

Harmlessness, non-violence spoken as Ahinsaa in Hindi and Sanskrit is also an yama out of five Yamas in Yoga Philosophy. There are eight stages/steps in yoga. Yama is first step of Yoga out of eight steps. So his name is accordingly; whatsoever it may be, but it is being preferable.
When the yogi gets perfection in Ahinsaa(harmlessness) then violent animals as lions, panther, tigers etc. also give up their violent nature becoming totally cool in the company of yogi. This has happened in the Ashramas of Rishis of olden times in India. Genuinely following the methods of Ahinsaa eliminates/removes the violence, harmlessness from the hearts of the persons. Mahavira is an example of this non-violence; other, Mahatma Gandhi.

These words of Ahinsananda seems to me very charming containing explanation of non-dualism, "Put your mind and heart on the One without a second. Be that. Explore why you "feel" Love. Contemplate this. How can Love exist without two? Hold this in your heart and mind until you Become the answer."

Love is both verb and noun but he is taking it as verb from the point of view of Advaita explanation. Love verb has more expansion than love noun. Love noun has the activity done that is happened to limitation as the status 'having been done/happened but the activity scope of love verb is beyond the container called lover and beyond the limits of contained 'the loved'. I don't know whether my explanation for Advaita concentrating on love verb is preferable to him or not but it is the result of immediate thinking according to Advaita understood by me.

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Peace to you Nidhi Parkash,

Thanks so much for your increasing my understanding of the meaning of Ahimasa (Ahinssa). I think your explanation of the "love verb" is right to the point!
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