***Beware Of This Man!!!*** HE DOES EVIL THINGS!

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I wanted to post here today warning potential people who are seeking initiation to stay far away from this so called "guru". From personal experience He used his siddhi abilities to manipulate and damage me psychologically by placing familiar spirits on me. These things happened to me after my so called "initiation". For those reading this please under no circumstances should you come near this man as he is not very ethical at all.

After Confronting this man about what he was doing to me he even stated that these things were happening to me and still to this day does not do anything to stop it.

Do not go any near this individual at ALL under any circumstances he is rude, mean, and not an ethical man.

For any more inquires or proof feel free to send me a message.

you can email me at j_mack25@aol.com