Beware, a charlatan!

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This guru is a complete charlatan, beware of him and better stay away.

He sends followers to smear other respected gurus in terms of ignorant and childish arguments such as whether these gurus had gurus or not (I know how rediculous and silly these arguments of him may sound, completely misunderstanding the basis of metaphysics,thinking spirituality is a degree in a university or somethingvtechnical that adhers to cultural procedures).

There are also rumors about misconducts of him and acts that are not appropriate for a spiritual person, let alone someone who pretends to be a guru.

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Re: Beware, a charlatan!

We will prove who is a charlatan here with discussions.
Can you (shishmanidov35) take the challange?
By merely blaming someone as charalatan you cannot escape from truth.
1. Fools, who have not served a Guru, want to become Gurus to enjoy respect and postion in the society.
2. One whose ego has reached to the maximum point projects oneself as Guru or an incarnation of God to fool innocent people.

Who claims himself God
Know him to be full of fraud.
Who claims Guru on his own
Know him to be a perfect clown.
’Cause God and Guru even disown
The merit that They really own.

3. This may be noted that Guru Siddha Nath is not alive. I am only a disciple to speak the truth to people. Instead of attacking me these fools are blaming my Guru who has renounced the world long back. He has nothing to do with my actions. I am wholly responsible for my actions.
4. Come and speak truth. In this world one has to go to a teacher to learn something. How can one learn of the other world without a Guru? What a nigura (uninitiated or non-disciple) knows is only nescience.

Sans teacher, one cannot learn even science.
Sans Guru, what one knows is only nescience.

The wise say,
"Dubious is all one's knowledge
If a Guru, one doesn't acknowledge."

"Fools follow the one
Who has followed none."

5. Yes, the misconduct happened with fools is they cannot face a true Guru who strips their egos from bottom. Fools like to serve and follow those Gurus who massage their egos with flowery, favourable and flattering speeches.
6. The wise can decide themselves about a charaltan.
7. Real spirituality is practice of truth, truth and truth alone by body, mind and speech. Blind beliefs, foolish juggling of words(meta physics) and superstitions have no value in real spirituality. They are condemned by the sages and saints of the past.
8. It is common among people the one who speaks truth is condemned and given bad names. It is very well known to the world, what happened to Jesus for speaking truth.

Nathyogi | Tue, 08/26/2014 - 05:02
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Re-2: Beware, a charlatan!

This comment of yours (the second para from the link) on the opinion about a Guru applies to you too.

Nathyogi | Mon, 09/22/2014 - 06:22