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Do not regard Wolinsky as a means to understand the simple and direct teachings of Nisargadatta Maharaj. He distorts Maharaj's teachings completely and clearly misunderstands their very essence. I was amazed to see how easy it is to take something so noble as the messages of a realized one and spoil them.

A good example is the video in in which Wolinsky tries to transmit the meaning of "I Am" - a key principle in the teachings of Maharaj (as well as in others' teachings) and manages to overload it with wrong concepts and connotations. The guided meditation there does anything but convey the right meaning of "I Am". Terrible.

Maybe Wolinsky's intentions were honest but the outcome is irresponsible and misleading and may cause great harm to the spiritual advancement of those who were so lucky to come across the teachings of Maharaj.

Instead, simple stick to the book "I am That" of Nisargadatta Maharaj himself.

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Stephen Wolinsky

I studied for several years with Wolinsky. Yes, I learned some things. What really struck me was how much he played the favoritism card in his workshop. He deliberately asked some people to dinner and not others; he had his disciples;he is sooo creepy, unable to hide his voyeuristic tendencies; he comes off as nice, but only if you kiss his feet. If you want some of this information, try the books but avoid him personally. He is not the only one on the planet to learn from. Who the heck cares about self or no self if the person holding the carrot is still sucking on his own thumb because he cannot stand to loosen his grip on his own small false self.
AS you can tell, I feel ( oh, BTW, his feelings are way more important than the students he braises) burned bad by this man and after 35 years of teacher seeking he wins the medal for the creepiest, most out of touch personally of what is true and not even close to walking his talk. It is only a front for him to create another false core as he runs from his true his false core.
My very personal advice: find another direction. He is dangerous to your spiritual path.

Yours truly,

mgb | Sat, 01/14/2012 - 08:03
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kamill:No problem with

kamill:No problem with Wolinsky.I wold say beware of kamill. When is your book coming out?

mrsnacks | Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:49