Better If Looks Into Himself!

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After reading the biography and browsing the website. The following conclusions can be drawn.

1. Shree Suraj started his search for truth after a troubled life. He spent a lot of time in search of truth and did a lot of penance.

2. What he felt during his search for truth that God is only One for all world religions is true.

3. It is good to notice that priests, pujaris, Moulvis, astrologers etc. are cheating the innocent people by misinterpretations of the scriptures for their selfish gains. He condemned them but himself doing the same. How can one has a right to become a Guru to teach or preach others when he himself has served no Guru?
Only for selfish gains and fame some become Gurus though they have not been disciples of any Guru.
His claims of enlightenment are questioned as according to saints of the past and all scriptures of the world, there is no enlightenment sans a Guru.

Hope he is open to accept truth.