Believe Swami Sai Premananda ... or be mentaly instable!

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The argument by the Swami Sai Premanada crew is getting old; everybody that questions their reliability is mentaly instable. It seems that they stole this argument from the Scientology Church, because when the media are questioning this group of believers the standard argument by this group is that others are mentaly instable, are crazy and need help.

So everybody is crazy, the Sethi's, the media and television crew that did research about Swami Sai Premanada, the Sai Baba center... everybody that will put questions marks behind the name of Swami Sai Premananda.

So the lovely person with the Christ the Redeemer statue picture is a self claimed psychiatrist? I would like to know with who I have the honour to speak so lets start over by introducing ourselves!

And please .... truly the mentaly instable argument is getting old and belongs to the Scientology Church.