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Meher Baba is The Ancient One,The Highest of the High, The Avatar of the Age. All though Baba made these claims no master was more humble than Baba. At times he traveled India incognito with no money or belongings what so ever. He did this for years.Never touching money except when giving it to others. He bathed and fed the poor lepers with his bare hands and then would kneel at their feet. You could look online at Baba's home in Meherbad his quaint bedroom is sparse indeed.Even Mother Teresa said Baba was Christ like but she said please don't quote me on that while I am still living.
The profound impact of his love is what most people would comment on when having met him.Although Baba dropped his body in 1969 he is ever with us. The Avatar is God.Meher Baba does not point to the way . He is the way.

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Meher Baba.

Thank You Dear Brother,

I am very grateful to Meher Baba.

The way I was receieved there with love in 1990, is not possible anywhere.

Hari30 | Fri, 12/23/2011 - 05:45