Awakener of India


Maharishi Dayananda was in real sense awakener of India from darkness of ignorance to light of knowledge. In the last thousands of years nobody seems born all over the globe who might be capable to understand the real, supreme wisdom of the most ancient books of the world---VEDAS. Swami Dayananda learned panini grammar (as per vedic way)from his GURU VIRAJAANANDA whose brain was just like a library. Maharishi discovered the method to study Vedas on the basis of this grammar and the result was found logically wonderful. True meaning of the mantras of Vedas was fully searched out. He wrote, if I am accurate to say, 49 books and also it is said that some books were remained unprinted even for the first time due to his untimely death and some other reasons. He wrote commentary on Vedas and rigvedaadibhaashya bhumikaa etc. "SATYAARTH PRAKAASH" IS AN OUTATANDING BOOK WRITTEN BY HIM. Genuinely speaking, he was the greatest reformer of societies in India as far as it concerns to education, knowledge, social customs, politics, philosophies etc. He was the RISHIHOOD incarnated of olden days of aaryavarat(India). He defeated in shaastraarth all-one the scholars of all religions. Questions asked by him during the shaastraarth are still unanswered. On the basis of his teaching and inspirations Indian freedom movement was started and LALA LAJPATRAI etc. were highly influenced from him. Swami Vivekananda remembered him with very, very reverence.