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I still wonder what the declaration of Avatar of the Age means. Most times, it may not be the guru but his/her disciples who spread such titles, for whatever reason. Neither do I think one guru needs to be endorsed by another (in this case, Sai Baba).

A guru, by his goodness, humility and profound thinking, should show others what are the possible ways to 'be and become what one is capable of.'

Clinging on to disciples (or mandali, in this case) is no useful thing. A guru, I think, is a skier, rubbing the ice off his/her path. The sooner those following him/her see it, the better they will know the various ways of meaningful living. The late, the path vanishes.

In short, a guru must show the path that s/he has discovered worth passing through and let those wanting to follow that path decide whether that path suits them or not. The moment a guru says here's THE path, that moment give up on him/her. Treat the guru as a pointer, don't be stuck with the finger but dare to go onto the path the finger points to. And don't forget to thanks the finger infrequently.

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Dear Brother,
I have prayed Meher Baba to show his love to you.
A True Seeker will always find the truth.
Avatar means God in human form.
It is correct that we should treat Guru as a pointer but to reach to that level, we need to be with Guru.

Hari30 | Fri, 12/23/2011 - 06:03